Olympia Green Fuels

Washington based Olympia Green Fuels LLC. was founded in 2003. The president of Olympia Green Fuels LLC., Mike Pelly, has been actively involved in the biodiesel field since 1995 and in the development of various forms of renewable energies for over 20 years. His work in biodiesel includes writing a recipe on how-to make biodiesel that was posted at the website http://www.JourneyToForever.org since Spring of 2000 and has been read by millions. It is now translated in 4 languages and has been the springboard for learning to produce biodiesel for many people around the world.

We are excited to be a part of the growing biodiesel industry and are dedicated to advancing biodiesel use in the USA Pacific Northwest, and beyond. We manufacture, test, and sell high-quality, industrial grade modular skid-mounted biodiesel processors for those wishing to produce a clean burning, safe, and domestic fuel for a variety of uses. We also provide the technical training needed to operate the processor, and training needed to start a successful restaurant grease collection route.

Our processors and training will enable you to produce your own biodiesel fuel, to be used as you see fit, whether it be for fueling your own fleet of vehicles or equipment, for heating needs, or for selling.

Whatever your need or application, the ‘Pelly Model A’ Series Biodiesel Processor is an investment in the rapidly growing biofuel field that will provide years of efficient biodiesel production.


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