Olympia Green Fuels

Washington based Olympia Green Fuels utilizes its founder Mike Pelly’s patented, high production, low cost, cavitation induced biodiesel processors.  Mike has promoted and worked with biodiesel since 1996, authoring a ‘How-to make Biodiesel’ recipe that was posted at http://www.JourneyToForever.org in spring of 2000. Later translated to 3 additional languages. The tutorial became a springboard viewed by thousands of people and shade tree chemists world wide. It is essentially a simplified tutorial on producing biodiesel fuel.

We are excited to be a part of the rapidly growing biodiesel industry with our high-quality, industrial grade, modular, skid-mounted, biodiesel processors. Pelly Model A biodiesel processors safely produced biodiesel fuel from a wide spectrum of feedstocks ranging from waste restaurant fryer grease to a multitude of farm grown oils as well as oils extracted from algae based feedstocks. We provide technical training to operate the A5 processor, along with training on starting a successful restaurant grease collection route.

With our processors and training you can produce your own biodiesel fuel whether for fueling your own fleet of vehicles, farm/construction equipment, heating needs, or for retailing.

Whatever your need or application, the ‘Pelly Model A’ Series Biodiesel Processor is an investment that will provide years of dependable, efficient biodiesel fuel production.

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